Meet the German Couple Finding Roommates for Europe’s Refugees

Mareike Geiling and Jonas Kakoschke, founders of Refugees Welcome. Credit: Jean-Paul Pastor Guzmán / Flüchtlinge Willkommen Roommates can be a pain: loud music deep into the night, dishes left in the sink for days. But Mareike Geiling and Jonas Kakoschke (they’re a couple) say their Berlin flat has never been cleaner since their new roommate from Mali moved in. Another unusual part of the arrangement: the 39-ye ar-old, who won’t use […]


Amazing Ideas To Decorate Your House Exteriors With Flowers & Greenery

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Pool House Design, Everyone Can Own Their Pool

Pool House Designs – are not the new thing anymore. Almost all of us are used to see pool-house. Having your own pool at house is fancy, everyone wants it. In fact, you don’t have to be rich or wealthy to own your pool. Now, everyone can have their pool by giving some space of their land. No matter it is big or small because now, we are going to […]

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Pool House Designs for You

Pool house designs become one of the most wanted home design project. Surely, it is common that the owner of a home will want to get a pool in their home. Hey, it is really efficient and contemporary, these days. Not only that there are so many advantages from the pool inside the house, such as its magnificent and appealing look that generated from the combination of your house and […]

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The Interesting Features of The House Design Games

house design games are the particular games that can be the good media for the people to stimulate the creativity so well. These kinds of games will be so suitable for many people in various ages, from the kids to adults. Besides, these particular games will be able to make you develop your imagination as free as a bird. You can try all the possible design for your virtual home. […]

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The Interesting Things That Make The House Design Games So Popular

House design games have been known well as one of the most popular games among the people in the recent days. The reason why these kinds of games are very popular among the people is because these particular games can offer the great opportunity to the game players to use their amazing creativity in a good way. Besides, these games can also give the players the games that are very […]

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Things You Have to Know about The House Design Software

House design software is commonly known well as the first option of home designing application for many people out there, especially if they are the non-professional home designer. This kind of software will be more intended for fulfilling the requirement of the people who want to create the design of their home themselves. That is the main reason why this particular software can be identified as the most wanted software […]